Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Project Life

Confession.  I cannot throw away old past-year day planners.

I love that they are filled with everyday, mundane happenings that add up to a full life.  

When I started reading about Project Life by Becky Higgins, it sounded like a great way to record the special, little, daily things in our family.  I have always taken pictures but I never print any out.  I really didn't know what I wanted!

A lot of the examples I saw of Project Life were so bright and busy-looking, that they just didn't have the final "look" I wanted.  Then I found Ho Hum... and her pages are exactly the look I adore.    Take a look!  I've been stalking her to learn her system. 

I believe she has a background in design because she is meticulous.  She takes gorgeous photos, prints them out herself, prints filler cards and cuts them out and embellishes them... it really is the prettiest way.  The paper she uses is gorgeous.  ... But I have to do mine quick and easy, which means completely digital now.  I just needed to get started.

My pages are by no means perfect.  These are mainly iphone photos since that is the camera I have with me for those quick, daily snapshots.  There are many things I will try to tweak and change as the weeks go on, but right now, my motto is "done is better than perfect!"

I won't post all my pages, but maybe as I figure out some things out, I'll share some tips.  For now, I am so excited to have the month of September done and ready to send off to the printer. 


  1. Great idea, I love it!
    I am the same way about old planners! They are almost like a diary to me!

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