Sunday, November 10, 2013

Girls Weekend in Chicago

lots of cab rides:)

Two of my college sorority sisters and I met up in Chicago.  We used to see each other at least once a year but with the three of us spread out, geographically, more than ever... over two years have passed.  (I also think the "years of friend's weddings" have slowed down, so that has also attributed to time getting away from us.

I'll be honest, it took LOADS of text messages and snarky remarks to get ONE weekend picked out.  So, before anyone could change her mind, we booked the airline reservations and it was set in stone!  I was willing to pay a few more dollars for a direct flight which is worth it!!  Alyson was, too, so we arrived within 15 minutes of each other... arriving in the windy city by 11:30am!

Because I have recently moved all my photos from several nether-regions ALL onto ONE computer with iphoto, I fairly quickly was able to put a Shutterfly photo book together with every picture I had of the three of us since college/ off facebook.  I ordered three copies- one for each of us- as we all have birthdays around the same time.

Anne, the new Chicago resident, made all the reservations for us, drove us to and fro the airport (so we wouldn't have to deal with public transportation:) and even let us shack up with her.  Her one bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park is precious!  I especially loved walking across the street each morning to pick up the Starbucks.  (I took this photo to send Mary Fowler- she was quite jealous)  And no, I'm not a ghost, it was my reflection- the best I could do with my hands full.

Photo by RLRestaurant

Friday we started with lunch at the Ralph Lauren Restaurant, which I loved!  It is just the kind of ambiance I would choose, and I can't wait to take Adam there.  We even had a star-sighting!  Rod Stewart was dining a couple of tables away.  His hair looked great!

I LOVED the architecture boat tour!  Several people recommended it and, while we were a bit chilly, it was definitely the best way to see the landscape.

Photo by Rebar
Afterwards, we warmed up with a drink or two at Rebar in the Trump Tower.

view from another restaurant I can't remember

 My awesome jalapeno cocktail from Sunda New Asian.  Alyson chose a gorgeous raspberry rosemary concoction.  That must be Anne's water.

On our last night we started with a drink at BOKA and then headed to Balena for dinner.  I loved both places.  Balena has simple, homemade Italian food- one of my favorites.

Photo by BOKA

Photo by Balena

 We were very intrigued by these bottles of wine that featured notes of bacon fat, tobacco, and tar...

I might have to get my hands on a bottle of 2011 DeAngelis Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio for Adam:)

Sunday we slept in and then had a fabulous brunch at Carriage House.  It was like being in Charleston, in Chicago!  I could have eaten ANYthing on that menu!  Nothing plain here, everything was completely decadent, just the way I like it!  Picture a ginormous biscuit with a huge piece of fried chicken, plus pimento cheese AND gravy!

PS I do notice my hypocrisy... I like plain, I like decadent, and I like everything in between!  Yum!

Photo by Carriage House
 I have been to Chicago a couple of times, but I feel like I have much better bearings after this trip.  Can't wait to go back!!

And I couldn't forget the kids!  Some of our friends have this and my kids always enjoy looking it.  I found them online here, at a better price than I paid:)


  1. After November 23 or so the city will be all lit up for the holidays.
    Then also coming in the warmer months allows you to see the beauty of the area.

  2. Your weekend sounds like such fun - so glad you took the time to catch up with dear friends! Brendan and I made a quick trip to Chicago a few summers ago and just loved it. I can't wait to go back and see more than their baseball stadiums. Clearly it was B's bday weekend :)