Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year!

Adam's parents came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was so nice to stay home!  We had a wonderful holiday with SO much to be thankful for!  After all the cooking and cleaning, I had plenty of time to work on Christmas cards.  It was lovely to be able to visit with everyone while they watched whatever football game was on... all while printing my labels, printing party invitations, etc.

I love Christmas cards!  I love receiving them, I love sending them, and if it has a photo on it, I keep it forever!!  See HERE for proof.

Everyone knows the photo is the hardest part!  Over the summer, it just so happened that we had two professional photo sessions- one at my family's lake house at Smith Mountain Lake, and one with Adam's family in Isle of Palms, SC.  So that made for plenty of picture options.  Sadly, Adam and Mary Fowler do not LOVE the photo I chose for the front of the card. It was a particularly sunny evening so we are all "squinty."  There were no "perfect" photos of all four of us.  But I do plan to have some of the others printed to display around the house, and I can put some on facebook so I'll be sure to ask for their vote next year.

They liked these photos better:
My hair + beach humidity= a mess!

I thought Adam looked like he was growling in this photo:)

I ordered from Simply to Impress this year.  They were great.  I received about 4 (of that brand) last year from other friends, and while I will always prefer the printed photo taped to the card, this was so much faster and easier.  Plus they have really cute, fresh designs.  The final decision was based on price.  They were running a special (40% off) and that made each card around $1/card which is usually about the best I can find... for my taste.  Plus, I was able to have the return address printed for pennies so that sealed the deal!

Since then, I have received some cards from CVS or Walgreens and Walmart that look great with good paper weight.  A quick online check showed they may be more around the 50 cent mark.  So I told my mom about those.  She has a whole-family photo she plans to use.  

Well, I'm off to check the mailbox!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh My! Mary Fowler

2 years old
10 years old
 I just ordered the children's school yearbooks and parents can choose to do a little note of congratulations to their 5th grade (elementary school) graduates.

I picked these two pictures of my pretty girl, and Adam and I tear up every time we look at them juxtaposed like this.  They conjure up so many thoughts and emotions!  I definitely need to do a special letter to her and get all these thoughts down on paper... but for now I just stare at these two very different but very same little girls and think, "Oh My!"