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July and August

I recently got back from a girls' scrapbooking weekend in Vail, CO so I have a lot of pages to send to the printer!  It was such a nice trip- I hadn't been before but I found Vail to be so quaint!  I would definitely go back- I think Adam would really like it, too!

At the end of summer, time flew by- first with a new puppy "Teddy" and then with Adam's dad passing away from prolonged illness.  Adam's dad was a great father and grandfather and I am trying to capture a lot of my memories about him in some kind of special way.   I think I have decided to do a photo book with pictures, stories, and notes we have received.  That way I can make multiple copies and give them out.  I would like for the kids and other family members to have something to look through when they feel sad and miss their Papa.

For now, Project Life is still fulfilling my need to get all the digitally-captured everyday moments printed out in some form.

While I did get quite caught up on my trip, I have definitely gotten out of my Monday morning groove of working on the previous week.  But I know the pictures will be there when I do have the time:)

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Week 24

Because I was finally caught up after being about a month behind,  I decided to make Davis his own page about the last week of school.  Mary Fowler had more photos (and I had more emotions to evoke) because it was her farewell to elementary school.

Week 23

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 21

Weeks 18, 19, 20

As I get used to these new layouts, I am just doing "single page" layouts for each week.  With week 21 I began using the Day One app.  Many documenting moms use it and love it so I gave it a try.

I have to agree!  You can set it to kind of ask you what you're doing at any time of day.  I set mine to 8:55am, noon, 2:40pm, and 8:55pm.  Sometimes I ignore it, but most times I type a quick blurb or snap a quick picture.  My favorite use is for funny texts Adam sends or funny things the kids say.  

I will use those "quotes" on the pages for that week.  

Last summer, I used a different app and I just recently copied/pasted all those notes into a MS Word document so I could print out and start adding to current pages.  An example of this is above- dated 6-11-13.  The sentiments are the important part, not really the chronology.

With pictures or words, it's just good to get them down SOMEwhere!  These pages are really of no benefit to my kids until they are printed out and stuck in the binder.  I usually wait until I have a folder of at least 10 "Pages to print" before I send to the printer.

It's so interesting how people are so different.  I have always had an inner desire to journal, photograph, document... while Adam, for example, does not.  He does keep a lot of important things in his head (which I do not always) and he does see patterns over time in his head.

But for me, I think that this process of reflecting back keeps me grateful and focused on the positive.  I just read in an article by a psychologist that humans have a natural tendency to remember their past with a "negativity bias" and that documenting helps to fight that natural tendency.  Whew!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Great Book

I went walking with a friend last week and she loaned me this book.  I loved it!  

So simple and so true.  It's very common-sense, but easier said then done sometimes:)

Week 15

I have finally found more of the "look" I want in my digital pages!  These templates from Tracy Larsen's designs are so nice and bright white.

I try to always keep funny things the kids say but wasn't sure how to incorporate them into the Project Life pages.  I love the white boxes with the light gray text.

The down side is that all these layers of 3x4 templates and photo boxes get very confusing and therefore it takes me longer to complete the pages.  I am hoping that as I find my groove, it will speed up.  But I am really happy with how these turned out.

When my parents were visiting this past weekend, we did enjoy looking through the pages I have had printed out.  While it is neat to look back, chronology still is not my preferred way to document.

For now I am using Project Life as a way to get pictures and stories down, but I could also see that these pages will show me patterns that I can later tell in a time-spanned story.