Sunday, January 26, 2014

Basketball and Braces

Last night we went to our first University of Richmond Spiders basketball game.  It was fun and we definitely want to go back!  Afterwards, sweet friends had several families over for dinner and I brought my go-to appetizer Cheese Slaw.

This morning we took the kids to lunch after church and Davis showed his new grill work.  Braces before Mary Fowler- who would have thunk!?  Davis actually had an extra tooth up top (which we are told is better than being born with not enough teeth) so once his "shark tooth" as we lovingly called it, was pulled, they some rearranging to do.

While Mary Fowler and I were waiting in the ortho's office, we saw our friend Cami on the cover of Virginia magazine!  She is in Davis' class.  Virginia magazine is one of my favorites!

Here she is having hot chocolate at one of my favorite restaurants.  The Roosevelt in Church Hill has eclectic cocktails and food- and we love the vibe.  Actually, for my birthday in November, Adam had a small dinner party for me there although I don't think we remembered to take any pictures:)

Tonight I'm headed to my friend's Soup Swap- a first for me!

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  1. Oh my goodness your children are getting so big from when you first started blogging! They are gorgeous! Wish I lived in beautiful Va!
    -Linda, NY