Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chevron Wallpaper

My sweet friend and neighbor has done such a fabulous job of stenciling her two sons'  bathroom with a gray chevron design.  Tonight she hosted a party and wondered about some wall decor for over the kids' toilet.

My first thought was a white cardboard safari head like this:

$29.99 from Source
But, then, I'm not sure about how cardboard would hold up in a bathroom... These below are more $$ but also more "stylized"- not sure if that's a word, but I think I could move this version somewhere else in the house... maybe more like a piece of art...

$69.99 from Etsy Source
It is bright white, not sure why it's downloading gray...

Then, I saw these which I think would be great, too!

$6.99 from Etsy Source
Although, I would do a BIG, white matte and frame for this printable above.

$21 from Etsy Source
$17 from Etsy Source
Same here, I would do a big, white matted frame to provide plenty of white space between the art and the chevron design.

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