Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Cookie Exchange Parties

At the last minute, my friend and I decided to host two parties- one for our girls, and one for us moms:)  It was so last-minute that I printed all the invitations, basically with leftover invites from years past.  

It felt so good to clean out some old stuff- definitely made me want to go back up to the attic and do some organizing and purging!  While it was labor-intensive, especially with so many different set-ups, I loved doing all the printing! I'll definitely do some more of that this year.  In fact, my sweet in-laws were visiting while I was in the process and they gave me $$ for Christmas to buy some more printing supplies... because they could see how happy it made me.  Sad, I know.

do you think i need some organization???

Well, we popped those invites in the mail and had to commit.

At the girls' party, they sorted into 4 teams and each built a gingerbread house.  It was lively, but I'm not sure I'd recommend that activity next year.  It was MESSY!  Even though they're in 5th grade, the process is just messy... those little candies were rolling everywhere...  and the icing!!!  

We also had a "selfie station." I hung a dollar store red tablecloth and gave them my phone to take picts.  I loved the photo booth props from that activity.  We used them at both parties- and it's a great way to get adults (who don't like their picture taken) to comply:) I still need to upload the picts to shutterfly and share with the girls.  I wish I could share here- but I'm feeling lazy and don't want to ask mom's permission.

The girlies also had a cookie exchange and they cracked me up trying every. single. kind.  There were definitely some little girls full of sugar when they left!

Of ALL the holiday cookie options, I love that my Mary Fowler chose to make the good ol' peanut butter kiss cookies.  I am one who always tries something new and tries to be impressive to make and she is like her daddy, sticking with the tried and true.  I love that about them!

For my "big girl" party:)  I made the traditional wedding cookie (never made them before) with a hershey kiss inside.  My aunt brought them to our family holiday party and they were so good!

I started tearing up while these were baking in the oven.  While I couldn't pin the glorious smell to any one person, it reminded me of Christmas!  Adam said it smelled like his grandmother's house.  I couldn't figure out if it smelled like my grandmother's, or a relative's house- but it immediately placed me at the holidays!  Just what cooking should do- bring back wonderful memories!  And I didn't over-cook them... they were divine!

I love that my aunt MaryAnn always makes the same assortment of cookies every, single Christmas, and I was thinking that our little family doesn't have a "traditional cookie" that we make each year... that was about the time that Davis came into the kitchen and proclaimed that the chocolate-kiss-filled Russian Tea (or Wedding) cookie should be our "Family Cookie."  Done and done!

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  1. Those look amazing! Glad you did it. That selfie station is cute!