Friday, January 31, 2014

How do you recharge?

My kids have been out of school for almost two weeks straight.  It has been like a second Christmas break.  And truly, for the most part, I have loved having them close, and not having to pack lunches!  I know I've allowed more technology time than usual, which is not good, but the snow has allowed for some good "playing outside" time, which is sometimes hard to get with these ultra-cold temperatures.  Having said all that, yesterday I almost cracked.  The two main boys in my life were just too much.

Davis made a bad choice and broke something so Adam wanted him to earn some money by *helping* me grocery shop.  Lucky me.

Adam had been hunting- apparently it's goose or duck or flying bird season- and while I am happy that he is having a great time, I am not happy that he complained about all the work he had to catch up on.

So as Davis and I started out to the car, he made an unnecesary, rude comment and I sent him back inside to tell his father that he would have to find another way to earn some money because I was taking some time to myself and would be back by 4pm.

I couldn't help but think back to a book I recently listened to in the car by Anita Moorjani where she explained the importance of recharging however it feels right to you.  So I thought about it and decided that today I felt like a Chick Fil A meal (with fries, no side salad!) and BOOKS... a trip to Barnes and Noble or the library.  The library was closer.

I had a list of parenting books I wanted to check out.  It's also my turn to choose our book club book, so I picked that out, too.  Guests on Earth by Lee Smith (bonus that she will be talking the week after we meet so we could choose to attend that).

I like to keep an amazon list of books in my cart (or in that I want to read, and then refer to it before I head to the library.  Delayed gratification is a good thing and buying books all the time -either e-books or traditional paper books- can be expensive and cluttering!

I don't think I knew that the library has COOKBOOKS!!!  I was in heaven!  I could have spent hours in that section alone, but I had to make my way to the darn parenting section!  And the parenting section did give me some much-needed perspective... so many parents are dealing with things MUCH harder and more complex than anything I can imagine.

Finally, I headed to Fresh Market because I was making dinner for a new mom.  Fresh Market has always been one of my happy places.  By the time I got home, I was rejuvenated, refreshed, and happy to see my people again.

My takeaway is this:  I definitely have no plans to read every single parenting book (or cookbook) I picked up, but when I properly recharge, I feel more balanced and like myself.  Keeping that inner balance is soul-satisfying.  How do you recharge?


  1. Just have to say, The Naptime Chef has some great recipes!
    Since I don't have kids at home this year, I don't find myself having to recharge as much. but when I did I would head to one of my favorite decorating stores and just browse and spend lots of time looking at all the pretty things, when I got home I would feel a little more sane! :)

  2. I love to recharge the same way….I also love a pedicure or these reflexology massages near us. They are $20 and they are a full body massage (with clothes on). All on the up and up in CHinatown here.

  3. Yes! I love whiling away hours in the library or bookstore. Could totally relate to your post!

  4. solitude, reading and swimming! Not cooking! Love this post.