Monday, January 20, 2014

How Now Brown Cow?

What do you think?  Be honest, he looks sad, and very almost too colorful, doesn't he?

Well he's the first cow I've ever painted and Adam is so impressed he's got this guy propped up on the mantle of the family room.  Mary Fowler is not a fan... it's the sad look in his eyes...

My girlfriends and I wanted to try out Wine and Design and it was a lot of fun!  We went on a cold and rainy night and two hours later, we were walking outta there with our cows in hand!

You start with this pencil drawing they've done for you, and the rest is follow-along-instruction with the artist.  It was great fun,  and I am planning to get a group together for one of their paint-your-pet evenings.  I think Adam needs a portrait of his favorite gal...

Now... how to choose?  Which one looks easiest to paint?

Charlotte's funny, playful self?

fresh from the groomer?

her more serious, inquisitive side?

or her natural "just woke up look"?

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