Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Digital Journaling

I have always loved to write.  I have always needed to write... to get thoughts out of my head, to work through things, and to remember!  In the 3rd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Speigel, asked me what my favorite subject was and I told her writing stories.  Specifically, I loved to make up the names of the characters in my stories.  I wish I still enjoyed making up stories!  

In college, I had a a great creative writing teacher who introduced me to introspective writing and I find it so helpful.  Since finding Big Picture Classes, I get to combine my love of photography, documenting, writing, and graphic design!  

These pages are from Ali Edward's 31 Things class.  She gives us a topic (morning, read, spirit, conversation, etc.) and some very helpful questions and prompts.  Then we use Photoshop and make it look the way we like:)

I have said before that I hesitate even showing these because they are so personal, but I have gained so much by looking at other's work.  

Interestingly, after doing this for 7 days straight, I was amazed to see that with every single prompt, my mom's sister, my aunt Debbie, had appeared in my reflection writing.  I don't think I realized what a strong influence she was to me growing up!  So, I had the thought, I really need to write her a note and let her know!  

That day when Adam brought the mail in, she sent me a note with Martha Stewart article about Richmond!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I only read the first one (so far). I wanted to tell your hat I also LOVED Teresa Caputo's book. I have been nervous to blog about it though because I know some people think she's a flake. I do not. I love your journaling and this is something I would really enjoy. I need to check it out. You are a good writer, Olivia!