Monday, March 24, 2014

Book love

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We had to go back to Roanoke again this past weekend and I just have to share the book that the kids and I listened to while driving.

First of all, who knew the library has books on little MP3 players???  You just supply a AAA battery and then attach your own headphones (or earbuds).  We  just used an auxiliary cable so the book on tape came through the speakers for us all to listen to.  The benefit is that fumbling with the CDs/DVDs can be a pain.

I loved this book!  The kids loved this book!  We laughed and it was really so sweet!  Davis is in 2nd grade and Mary Fowler is in 5th- I found it completely appropriate for them both.  The main character is in 7th grade.  Davis was just as engaged as we were.  It made the trip fly by.

So often, the books for this age group are SO dramatic.  I have diagnosed myself as overly-sensitive so I haven't even read the Hunger Games series!

Liar & Spy is good and interesting, light and easy, not traumatic or depressing.  I highly recommend.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I have a very sensitive third-grader. LOVE your blog!