Tuesday, September 23, 2014

July and August

I recently got back from a girls' scrapbooking weekend in Vail, CO so I have a lot of pages to send to the printer!  It was such a nice trip- I hadn't been before but I found Vail to be so quaint!  I would definitely go back- I think Adam would really like it, too!

At the end of summer, time flew by- first with a new puppy "Teddy" and then with Adam's dad passing away from prolonged illness.  Adam's dad was a great father and grandfather and I am trying to capture a lot of my memories about him in some kind of special way.   I think I have decided to do a photo book with pictures, stories, and notes we have received.  That way I can make multiple copies and give them out.  I would like for the kids and other family members to have something to look through when they feel sad and miss their Papa.

For now, Project Life is still fulfilling my need to get all the digitally-captured everyday moments printed out in some form.

While I did get quite caught up on my trip, I have definitely gotten out of my Monday morning groove of working on the previous week.  But I know the pictures will be there when I do have the time:)

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  1. I love all the scrapbooking! Wow, you will always cherish these. What wonderful memories.xxx