Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Steel Magnolias

Last week one of my sweet aunts moved into her new home.  She has Alzheimer's and needs more help now.  For years, all of her sweet sisters (those above, plus two more that weren't born when this photo was taken) worked together to support her in all ways, but when her only son died two weeks ago, the timing was right.

My sweet dad is pictured here second from the left.  Thinking about him and his brothers reminded me of a quote... Mary Fowler and I watched the classic movie Steel Magnolias the other day and when Sally Fields says, "I find it amusing.  Men are supposed to be made out of steel or something."

These 9 siblings LOVE each other.  They have something really special.  They grew up in a loving home but things were not always easy.  In fact, just looking at this photo kind of amazes me!  How in the world did they have enough of and the right sized socks, shoes, and clothes just for this one picture!?!  And how did the photographer get all 7 of them to look at the camera with all 14 eyes open??

The only way my mom and I could help with this transition was to clean out and organize my aunt's townhouse to ready it for sale.  It was not completely easy, but we had such a good time enjoying each other's company, taking small trips down memory lane, and ultimately feeling accomplished!

We started upstairs and sorted into TRASH, DONATE, or if we were saving, we GROUPED like things together!  It really turned out to be fun.  It also turned out to be inspiring!

When I got home to my house, I started tackling spaces I had been putting off.  And I used the same procedure.  Now my garage is straight and organized!  In fact, I have a table and chairs out there now that the kids and I have been using as a crafting table.  I grouped all the random "craft" things together so we can now use and enjoy them.  Shocker!

This week while the kids are at the lake with my parents, I hope to start on the attic.  Wish me luck!