Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Photography Output Issues

For better or worse, I am always thinking about the end product.  When I was little, my mom helped us do all kinds of crafts and I would struggle with what to do with the product.  The process was fun but we had absolutely no need for the end result.

I do not like clutter although I can show you plenty of it in my life? so I usually try only to do something that achieves an end result I need or want.  So, what do we do with all the photos we take?  What is the end result... what I call "photography output?"  I delete as much as I can, but the photos I do keep, I do want to enjoy.  Not just keep in the computer netherworld.

For the past couple of years, I have switched from photo books to weekly project life pages.  I like the simple photo books (and they are Adam's favorite) because the end result is easy to manage.  It's not too big, heavy, or cumbersome- and they stack neatly on a bookshelf.

The cons for me are several:  they are a pain to make- It takes a lot of decision-making time at the end of the year and I find going through a year of photos overwhelming.    Plus, a lot of the "everyday life" photos are overlooked to make room for the "special event" photos like birthdays and holidays.  

Special events are important, but I want more.  Everyday life is what I am truly most interested in reflecting.

The Project Life pages certainly capture the everyday life and thoughts, which I LOVE.  But I have noticed that one year in a 12x12 binder is big, bulky, and heavy.  I may look into having the pages printed at the end of the year into a book like this one from

Any good photography output ideas???

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