Thursday, February 18, 2016

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Touring Europe

Mary Fowler and I have some amazing trips coming up over Spring Break and Summer.  First we are headed with her school to ITALY.  I have never been but always wanted to go.  Then in the summer, we are going with my parents (and her school) to England, Ireland, and Scotland.  So excited!

Everything is pretty much all organized and set up, which is wonderful, except I'm starting to stress out about packing light and finding comfortable everyday shoes.

When I chaired our Jr. League shopping extravaganza for so many years, I had to be on my feet for a week straight.  I quickly learned that Danskos were the only shoe that could provide the extended comfort I needed.  For this trip, though, I am planning to wear dark skinny jeans each day and I think the Danskos look pretty funky.

I found these on Zappos (about $100) with good reviews but I'm not sure??  Advice please???

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